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Online Largest Velvet Cloth Exporter and Manufacturer Company in Haryana

Velvet can be made from a variety of fibers, including silk, rayon, acetate and cotton. Each type of fiber produces a slightly different type of velvet fabric. Silk velvet is the most elegant and expensive type, with a soft drape and shimmering surface. Bhagwati Enterprises is the online largest Velvet Cloth exporter and manufacturer company in Haryana, India. Synthetic velvets made from rayon and acetate simulate the shimmer of silk velvet, but are generally heavier and do not drape as well. There are some velvet fabrics available that are made with a rayon pile on a silk backing.

Online Velvet Cloth Exporter Company in Haryana

With product innovation leading/driving our organization, we have managed to develop an exclusive range of fabrics, with uses resulting in furnishings, gift items, clothing that includes both western and ethnic garments, and event decorations. As we are the largest Online Velvet Cloth Exporter Company in Haryana, India, we are always looking to develop new kinds of velvet for our customers keeping process limitations in mind.

Velvet Cloth Manufacturer company in Haryana

Domestic markets are our primary focus since the Indian market is on the lookout for good quality velvets and import restrictions still prevail. Bhagwati Enterprises, the leading Velvet Cloth manufacturer company in Haryana, India, is a nominated supplier of several brands as our products are 100% export-friendly and will assuredly stand the test of time. Most velvet fabric has what is known as a nap-when you run your hand down the length of the fabric, it will feel smooth in one direction and rough in the other. The appearance of the velvet is affected by the nap, with the color of the velvet appearing darker in the direction in which the nap runs up.

Online Velvet Cloth dealer and wholesale supplier in Haryana

Bhagwati Enterprises is one of the leading online Velvet Cloth dealer and wholesale supplier in haryana, India. The ownership type of our firm is the sole proprietorship. The head office of our company is located in Surat, Gujarat. Reckoned as one of the emergent companies in the industry, we are extremely immersed in the manufacturing and importing of Velvet Fabrics, Micro Velvet Fabrics and many more. Manufactured using the best quality material, our products are hugely acclaimed for their matchless excellence and other pivotal characteristics.


We endeavor to provide the clients with the best materials and timely deliver to their maximum satisfaction.